Lisa Oberg has spent the last10 years as full time variety performer and actress. She spent her formative college years at James Madison University and received a BS in Art with academic honors. She was arrested in Iron Jawed Angels as a suffragette, then she played a prostitute in various media including a crack whore in the short film, La Bas, and a syphyllitic doxie in John Adams.

Continuing in this tradition, she was recently seen swallowing a balloon on Comedy Central's Gong Show with Dave Attell. Sadly she had to turn down his marriage proposal.

These days. when not swallowing odd objects, contorting through hangers, or juggling glass balls, she can be found up to her elbows in sheep parts working for Sanguine Gryphon during the day and spending her nights with the Cheeky Monkey sideshow either alone or as one-half of the Darwin Sisters.

She also has an amazing ability to find injured and orphaned wildlife and fosters strays till they can find a forever home…sorry gentlemen, the 4-legged variety only.