Stupina closeup (Photo Credits: ???)
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"It's our job to look different"

"TaskMaskers shares joy with others through mask theater. By creating, educating, and performing in mask, we seek to reach people and evolve them through laughter and pathos"

Okay, that is the OFFICIAL mission statement, but we aren't as stodgy as that sounds. We have a lot of fun. We believe that mask theater is one of the most challenging and creative forms of performance and we strive to make mask theatre more acceptable and prevalent in today's theater community.

In these pages, you'll find more details about all aspects of our company. Who we are, why we do this, and which of us is sillier in person. If your questions aren't answered here, the click on the e-mail button and ask what you will... within reason, of course.

Now, on to the business at hand... show business, that is. TaskMaskers is broken down into 3 specific divisions: the performance company, Teatro di Pecorino Romano; mask construction; and theatrical mask and physical comedy training for performance. Each separate aspect of our company, combined together, creates a cohesive theatrical performance concept. And it's funny, too!